Hello, I'm Luis Jiménez. And yes, looks like I'm a photographer but this is only a hobby, in reality  for three decades, I've donned the chef's hat, crafting culinary experiences that span across the streets of Mexico, the bustling avenues of the US, the intricate food landscapes of China, the diverse flavors of Central and South America, and the luxurious dining scenes of Dubai. My journey has been flavored with professional training from the culinary capitals of Spain, Vietnam, and Thailand, each adding a unique layer to my expertise.

While my heart beats for cooking, writing has always been a pastime that became a second profession. My journey into the world of flavors led me to pen down the book "Pero querías ser chef...", which translates to something like: "So you think you can be a chef?". This memoir-like narrative, now available in English as "A Chef's Journey", became a best-seller, offering readers a deep dive into the culinary world and the ethics that drive it, which I think it's the main reason that made it a successful book. My interactions with curious minds led to a sequel "Pero querias ser chef dos", and later, "Memorias de un Chef" or "Memoirs of a Chef", capturing the essence of my moments with food and people, that's my third and last piece.

Beyond the kitchen and the pages of my books, I've explored the world of photography. Every dish I crafted was not just a meal but a memory, urging me to capture it so that I could recreate it back perfectly and also to share it with my team for good reference, but my attention to detail transformed this hobby into a semi-professional pursuit. Patrons at my restaurant, intrigued by the visuals, soon began inquiring about the photographer behind the lens, leading to a new chapter in my career.

Teaching has always been close to my heart. I've had the privilege of sharing the art of Mexican and Chinese cooking with eager learners, passing on the traditions and techniques that I hold dear. My linguistic skills, fluent in Spanish and English, with a proficiency in French, have only enriched these interactions.

My restaurant's success and my knack for connecting with people opened doors to consultancy roles in the culinary business. This unexpected turn introduced me to project management. As I delved deeper, I realized that my journey as a chef had unknowingly trained me in the art of project management. From opening restaurants to operating multiple venues, I was orchestrating projects. My only gap was the specialized language and tools of formal project management, which I'm trying to master along with you in this amazing course. Today, I stand equipped to offer a holistic consulting experience to aspiring restaurateurs.

My career has been a flavorful blend of cooking, writing, photography, teaching, and management. Each chapter is a testament to my dedication, curiosity, and constant thirst for learning.

P.S. “Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.” – Imogen Cunningham


Mi nombre es Luis  y tengo mas de 25 años de experiencia como chef. He laborado en grandes cocinas en tres continentes y a pesar de haber pasado años en la cocina, siempre me ha gustado la fotografía. 

Comencé tomando fotos de mis platos para tener un registro, pero poco a poco fui buscando que mis fotos no solo documentaran, sino que incitaran. 

Sin darme cuenta, siempre estuve en busca de la toma que hiciera que la imagen se antojara, y fue así como me fui internando en el  mundo de la fotografía.

Hoy la fotografía sigue siendo mi pasión, y ha pasado a ser una profesión.

Me gusta la fotografía en general, pero profesionalmente solo hago foto de alimentos y  retrato.

"¿Cual de mis fotografías es mi favorita?. La que voy a tomar mañana" – Imogen Cunningham

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